Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hershey Church Plant

Life Church of Hershey

Why start this new church?

I have had a heart for Hershey that has become a passion over time. God spoke and I felt compelled to do all that I can to reach the people of Hershey.

Vision. To plant and develop a Christ-centered spirit-filled church, reaching the lost. To have a thriving congregation, devoted to spiritual growth, and reaching our community.
Hershey is a growing community with a large population of young families. At present, there is no A/G church reaching the vast population within Hershey.

"Hershey Church" ministry focus group

20 to 40 year old singles and families
As we move to this community, their practical needs will become more evident.
Proposed launch location, CocoaPlex Cinema at 1150 Cocoa Ave

What kind of church are we trying to plant?
7 core values of this new church.
1. Love people when they least expect it and least deserve it.
2. Everyone is invaluable and irreplaceable
3. Everything is an experiment
4. You cannot out-give God
5. Ministry that is socially relevant in modern society
6. Helping others discover their God-given purpose in life
7. Commitment to excellence in life and in ministry
** As we grow our launch team, we will bring clarity to the listed core values.

Missions statement. “Helping people understand there are sweeter things in life than chocolate.”
“A sweet place to connect with Christ!” "Engage, Equip and Empower Life in Christ"

What style of church will this be? Progressively Relevant.

Ideal launch team: A team of 20 people filled with faith, loves adventure,
hardworking worshipers who have great connection to other “life giving churches”.

Timeline to plant this church to One Year Anniversary:

From today until the first anniversary of your church’s public launch.

July: Gather the Launch Team in Hershey

July: Join the Rotary Club of Hershey... Business Relationships

Aug:11 Pre-Launch Service (Rib Fest in the Park with Live Band and Message)

Sept:15 Pre-Launch Service (Service @ Launch location)

Oct:13 Pre-Launch Service (Service @ Launch location) **Start Small Groups**

Each of the Pre-Launch services will be marketed with business card size invite cards while 2
and 3rd Pre-launch will also be marketed with direct mailings to the 17033 zip code.

Nov. 24 Pre-Launch Life Church.(Marketed like Pre-Launch 2&3 as well as phone calls to all
contacts from each pre-launch)

November: Scout new locations for Life Church Easter Service

Run Consecutive Sunday services...

December: Partner with The Salvation Army to “Ring the Bell”
...Ringers sponsored by “Hershey Church”

Dec. 22 Christmas Service

Dec. 24 Christmas Eve Dinner/Service (Hershey Lodge)

*Front Door Event is a service geared to engage the church in evangelism*

Give-a-ways come from donations given by sponsors of the event... Business Relationships

Jan. 5 “Brand New” *Front Door Event* Sunday... Brand name stuff give-a-way and
“Brand New” 4 week series start Valentine’s Dinner Invite cards out...
Feb. 2 “The Big Game” (Super Bowl themed service) *Front Door* Jersey Give-a-way

Feb. 14 Rose Outreach in Hershey (Rose give-away with invite cards)
Feb. 14 Valentine’s Dinner /Service (Hershey Lodge)

March: Hershey Pub Tour/Food Drive (Jesus Music Jazz / Hershey Church Style instrumental)
Church Invite cards ready to give out... Need to book Tour and create posters

Apr. 20 Easter Sunday Services *Front Door* Direct Mail invite to 17033 by April 6th

May: Sports Outreach (Water Bottles to Parents and Kids at the Township Games)

May 11 Mother’s Day *Front Door* Free Family Photos with Bentley Photography

June 15 Father’s Day (Bikers Blessing & Rib Fest) *Front Door*Marketed with Invite cards and
yard signs.

July 20 Church Picnic “Celebrate the Dream” *Front Door*

August: School Supplies Drive... for Hershey School District...”Know Needs”

Sept. 7 Salute to America... First Responders recognition and 9/11 service

Oct. 31 Block Parties! (“light the night” type events in community)


If you made it this far in your reading without falling asleep or getting bored... Wow! Maybe God is asking you to join this crazy group of people moving to Hershey PA to launch a brand new church! Well, at least pray about it!


  1. love it! especially the 7 core values!!


  2. Dear Pastor Shawn. Met your very nice son at Hershey today. What a good kid! We viewed your youtube video to see what the Life Church is all about. Good solid core values, based on scripture. Keep up the good work. Just wanted to let you know the captioning on the video needs some work; if someone was depending on just that to hear your message, it would be misleading. God bless!!

  3. I'm more then ready for this! Hyped! Let's do this!!!! : )